A Chronicle of events at Silver Sands
Leisure Park, Lossiemouth from July 2007

The "shifting sand" of west beach Lossiemouth on the Morayshire coast


The "green way" isn't always good for you



You must wonder why would someone behave in such a manner, why would Green Parcs Ltd and Mr Deepak Johar in particular completely disregard their clients ?

They ignored every attempt by the residents to find out from the site office and Green Parcs in Leicester if the original agreement was still legally binding, until that is all the fees were paid, thereby  revoking all the protections included in the original agreement.

They wilfully ignored the Agreement to suit their own agenda and now they say they are going to provide a new contract or license for the future, that was August 2009 still no paperwork, what was wrong with the old one? The first thing that came to mind is, how can you trust anyone with the track record of Green Parcs, what credence can be given to this company with such a shameful history, how can they be trusted to abide by any license agreement?

It looks more like window dressing to overcome their already disgraceful reputation. I would take all they have to offer with a “pinch of salt”
Whatever hidden agenda they have doesn’t include telling anyone and that is suspicious, for secrecy never hid good news. It might be that their original plan has been put on hold and they are now backtracking trying to save as much face as is possible.

Another tale
Another example, at the Lossiemouth meeting the director Mr Deepak Johar made a comment to imply they had employed Mr Neale Rothera as a consultant, this statement is not true. A letter sent to all on the site at the beginning of 2008 by Mr Deepak Johar no less, states Neale Rothera was employed by Green Parcs Ltd as a Sales Manager and duly signed by Mr Johar. At no time since then has the word “consultant” ever been used to describe the terms under which  Neale Rothera’s was employed on the site.

New Approach?
The present General Manager (new title as the previous park manager was made redundant, the job decription must however I believe be the same) who had no links with the present regime, that I know of until after this fiasco came to light, will have a major task in raising the profile of the site and return it to its previous status as a respected holiday centre.
It seems they are still unwilling to tell anyone what they are about; the website under the heading “about us” tells you absolutely nothing about the company.

It should also be noted that the parent company Green Parcs Ltd have been removed from the Lifestyle Living UK website and at the meeting in  Lossiemouth Town Hall Mr Johar said the proposed change in use at Pitgrudy as “park homes”  was no longer happening and it was to marketed as a leisure facility, it’s a shame that people had to suffer eviction from the Dornoch site for what would now appear to be for nothing, the site has been desolate since December 2007.
And as for Riverview near Forres the company seems to have done very little except remove the park homes they had built, some of which have been re-erected at Silver Sands.