A Chronicle of events at Silver Sands
Leisure Park, Lossiemouth from July 2007

The "shifting sand" of west beach Lossiemouth on the Morayshire coast


The "green way" isn't always good for you



Age of Caravan

One little snippet worth noting, the company has increased the age of  tenure from 10 to 15 years, this is a clause which allows the company to insist you renew or remove your caravan after the period is up. You may well ask were this information is displayed or presented and what form it takes, is it perhaps a new contract. Where is it?

It’s one of the more contentious issues on all holiday caravan sites that the owner has this facilty within the framework of a license, if you have one that is.


What do you expect from a holiday park?

Silver Sands Leisure Park was arguably one of the best parks on the Moray coast and while it has all the features which made it great, there is more to a site than fitments.

People make a park, surely it needs the owners to work with the caravanners, who after all are the customers. If the company want to make controversial changes to the conditions they should at least listen to the customer or at least give a sound reason for making the changes, do not treat them with contempt and proceed irregardless of what they may have to say. The goodwill and trust of the caravanners will disppear quickly, which did happen in this case, it became the only topic of conversion for most of the patrons and ruined many a holiday during the early stages, we could not understand the companies intransigence. The essentials for a friendly atmosphere are soon taken over with bitterness and resentment and it would be fair to say that some of it still exists.The newcomers will have a different outlook, they can judge for themselves as time goes by. Time will tell!


How to pay for the vast increase in the pitch fees!

The company went out of its way to suggest, if you are struggling to pay the fees then you can rent it out to suplement your income. It may not be what you had envisaged when you bought the caravan with the freedom to use as and when you wanted, not having to check its availabilty beforehand. It sort of defeats the purpose of having a holiday caravan.

The company was onto a double winner in that they had the fees from the pitch and now getting a cut from “letting out” through them, not a bad business.


What for the future?

It is now become necessary that something needs to be done to put a stop to rogue companies and ensure that park owners offer some consumer protection and make it mandatory to offer all buyers a contract similar to that offered by the British Holiday and Park Homes Association. It is clear that self regulation is not working, there will always be the shady dealer waiting in the background hoping to use the weaknesses in the system for their own monetary gains.



The information shown on this website is acurate and can be substantaited if need be.

My aim is very simple, to point out to buyers some of the pitfalls you may encounter in the static holiday caravan industry and not to demonise anyone, if however they feel this is not the case, then perhaps they should look at from a buyers point of  view.