A Chronicle of events at Silver Sands
Leisure Park, Lossiemouth from July 2007

The "shifting sand" of west beach Lossiemouth on the Morayshire coast


The "green way" isn't always good for you



2009 Season

Park is being run by the Sales Manager and caravans of all shapes and sizes appear, as you can see from the examples below it goes along way to being the “premier site” as stated by Mr Johar a company director in a letter to our MSP, and it was later in the season the police were called in, the circumstances are documented in the media.

For obvious reasons I cannot say any more on the issue as it is in the hands of courts.


Despite constant requests the company have failed to supply a contract or license.



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wpba53c8af.png wpc868dce4_0f.jpg

Please note the following statement from their website;


Once again Silver Sands is leading the way in the caravan holiday homes sector and Green Parcs limited are looking at other areas of standard setting such as introducing a luxury letting hire fleet with even the basic range being double glazed and centrally heated.”


I believe it speaks for itself!