A Chronicle of events at Silver Sands
Leisure Park, Lossiemouth from July 2007

The "shifting sand" of west beach Lossiemouth on the Morayshire coast


The "green way" isn't always good for you





Stop Press :Please note the following e-mail sent by Lifestyle Living UK

Subject: Slanderous Content On Your Site

I am writing to you as I noted on your website url - http://www.westbeachlossie.co.uk, you have posted defamatory and slanderous comments about our company, Lifestyle Living UK. We have nothing to do with GreenParcs. We are NOT affiliated with them in any way and we demand that our company details, any mention of our company, JDR Partnership, our parks at Haveringland or any other location and any other related information be immediately removed from your site.

We have also complained to your site host - Free Virtual Servers - and reported your website's activities. If you are found to be in breach of your agreement with your server, your site could be withdrawn from the internet without prior notice.

We will be monitoring your website and if no action has been taken by yourself to remedy this situation by deleting the slanderous content within 24 hours, we refer your URL to our solicitor and instruct them to take legal action.

My Answer

As I pointed out in my email of today I have looked into your accusation of slanderous comments, can I therefore make a few comments regarding your allegations?

Firstly, the website regarding the issues at Silver Sands is a chronicle of events which unfolded in the period stated and as stated in the website can be verified if need be.

Secondly, I do NOT state Green Parcs Ltd are affiliated to Lifestyle Living UK, I DO state they had at one time, if you wish I can furnish you with a copy of a web page from LLUK website in June 2008 in which all three Green Parcs sites are displayed along with, Carlton Meres, Coquet View Park, Haveringland Hall and the implication is they are sharing resources and working together to develop the business.

Thirdly, I do state quite clearly that the Green Parcs were removed from the LLUK website.

And finally, as for the name change from JDR Developments to Green Parcs Ltd I will contact the previous owner for verification, meanwhile I will remove this comment.

Are you therefore saying that all the details in the website are wrong?

Are you trying to bully me for factual reporting, by threatening legal action before checking your facts, all the details have been in the public domain at some time or another?



Useful data from other sources

For useful guidance sheets see the follwing web  pages;www.ukparks.com/documents/caravan-owners-guidance.pdf


The trade associations mentioned are British Holiday & Homes Park Association website www.bhhpa.org.uk/, and the National Caravan Council www.nationalcaravan.co.uk

News about Carlton Meres, Suffolk

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News article http://archive.andoveradvertiser.co.uk/2001/8/29/72024.html



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