A Chronicle of events at Silver Sands
Leisure Park, Lossiemouth from July 2007

The "shifting sand" of west beach Lossiemouth on the Morayshire coast


The "green way" isn't always good for you





1. - July 2007, Green Parcs Ltd took ownership of the site from Holt Leisure at the end of July.


2. - Other than an introductory letter from the Park Manager there was nothing. All attempts to get an update from the staff failed, they had nothing to pass on from the management, or so they said.


3. – Someone on the site discovered that GPL had applied for the season to be extended from seven to eleven months.


4. – August 2007, an increase in the site fees was seen by a resident on the Silver Sands website and the figures were

frightening with some going up by 74%, this was over £1100.00, bearing in mind we had not been notified of this at this point.


5. - August 2007, a petition complaining about the lack of information and the increase in fees was set up and signed by many of the residents, but it disappeared. It is worth noting that the caravan owners were in complete disarray and concerned at lack of information coming from the company. Many voiced their concerns at the site office as rumours grew and grew and still nothing was forthcoming from them or the owner Green Parcs Ltd.


6. - September 2007, a sales team arrives, headed by Mr Phil Sharlott who, had the title of Sales Director printed on a sales leaflet. His team comprised of three men who encamped in the sales office. The sales team would not entertain anyone asking questions about the increases, they passed it off with a ready made statement about the site being underfunded and we had been paying far too little in the past.

The Park Manager resigns                                                                                                           continued.....