A Chronicle of events at Silver Sands
Leisure Park, Lossiemouth from July 2007

The "shifting sand" of west beach Lossiemouth on the Morayshire coast


The "green way" isn't always good for you





Green Parcs Ltd own Silver Sands at Lossiemouth


They also have Riverveiw near Forres and had Pitgrudy near Dornoch, both of which have been marketed for Park Homes,

Have they sold any?

They had an affiliation with Lifestyle Living UK who deal predominently in Park Homes, but for some reason the Green Parcs sites have been removed from their LLUK website.


Worthy of notice, added April 2010: Green Parcs Ltd have been in administration since June 2010. Some individuals terminated their directorships in October 2009 namely Tony Barney, Donna Barney, Parvinder Maini, Darvinderjit Maini and Jaimina Ghelani. Is it a coincidence or not?

For more information check out the newspapers, the "Northern Scot" and "Press and Journal". Also there are websites which can give you details of the company.




Special Note- Residential homes For those interested in a residential site, of which Silver Sands Leisure Park is not one,  two web sites which may be useful in explaining the ins and outs of park home living. A new organisation, the Park Home Legislation Action Group Scotland gives even more information on the whole scene around Scotland, beware there are a few crooked site owners in this arena so be careful.

Go to www.willowwoodwestlothian.co.uk   and http://www.phlags.org/












Stop Press!!  See threatening e-mail sent by Lifestyle Living UK Ltd and the reply                               

Do you believe you are being ripped off by a site owner?

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Last  updated May 2011